Family Program

Providing patients with the necessary care and support

At Valley Recovery Center, we are absolutely committed to providing patients with the care and support necessary to live a sober life. We also know that the involvement of family members and loved ones can make a huge difference in the recovery process. We strive to involve family members in the treatment of their loved one, and this includes having families take part in weekly therapy sessions with our patients and other activities.

Qualified Patient Assessment by Professionals

The first 3 days of treatment here are devoted to assessing the patient’s addiction history, medical history, and performing overall evaluations. Our team uses this information to determine the right treatment plan for each patient, and during this time we seek the patient’s permission to include family sessions in their treatment. These sessions can help families understand their loved one’s condition and also understand what they can do to support the patient as they go through recovery.

With guidance Families can be a positive support system

Families play a powerful role in our patients’ overall healing and recovery from addiction. It may not always seem like it, but families have a profound influence on their loved ones. This influence can be a positive force, it can contribute to negative behaviors, and often it does some of both. Our family program is built to help patients and their families explore and understand these influences and their overall relationships, so they can address the underlying issues and work together to help the patient achieve sobriety.

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One on One Counseling and Group Therapy

The family program we offer includes group therapy, individual sessions, and workshops. The goal of the program is to provide everyone involved with an understanding of addiction and how it affects their loved one’s behavior and state of mind. We also work with families to improve their communication, with an emphasis on openness and honesty.

Addiction Education leads to a positive support system

Understanding addiction and being open to communication are crucial skills that families need to have to be a positive force in their loved one’s support system. It can be very challenging for families to face these issues head on, but we truly believe that doing so gives their loved one the best chance to achieve lasting recovery. And families will deal with these issues in the caring and supportive environment we’ve created here at Valley Recovery Center.

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