Eminem Addresses Addiction And Recovery On New Album

Eminem Addresses Addiction And Recovery On New Album

Love him or hate him, Eminem has always been one to speak the honest truth. Whether it’s about his difficult upbringing, his problems in the music business or (most recently) his battle with addiction, the iconic rapper isn’t afraid to shy away from painful topics. His latest album, Revivaltackles drugs head-on with a dark set of lyrics addressing his near fatal overdose.


Revival hit record stores this month and it’s the explicit track “Arose” that’s gaining attention within the recovery community. Eminem (born Marshall Mathers) creates a vivid scenario of blacking out after using methadone. He soon finds himself in a hospital bed and drifting away from his body after attempts to resuscitate him are unsuccessful.


“They’re unplugging me, and it’s your birthday. Jade, I’m missing your birthday,” he raps in the song. “Baby girl, I’m sorry/I fucking hate when you hurt, hey Nurses lean over the bed, pulling tubes out. Then the sheet over my head, shut the room down.”


Not surprisingly, “Arose” has brought up many questions during Eminem’s recent publicity tour. Honest as ever, the rapper admits that it’s based on his real experiences; particularly a night in 2007 when he was rushed to the E.R.


Speaking candidly about the O.D., Eminem told Rolling Stone, “My whole month of December leading up to [the overdose], I don’t remember sh*t. All I remember was hitting the bathroom floor and waking up in the hospital. The doctors told me I’d done the equivalent of four bags of heroin. They said I was about two hours from dying.”


But as the “Arose” lyrics (and title) clearly illustrate, that night was also a major turning point in his life. Eminem went on tell RS that he made a choice from that hospital bed. A choice to live and get clean. He brought up his daughter Hallie as a key inspiration and went on to openly discuss his new recovery regimen.


Eminem revealed that he meets with a rehab counselor once a week and uses jogging as a new outlet to help keep him focused. He also said that legendary singer Elton John is one of his unofficial sponsors and plays a huge part in his sobriety.


And to his fans, Eminem made sure that his “Arose” single does conclude with a happy ending. After the darkness of the OD, he finishes the track with these lyrics, “I’m tryna rewind time like a tape, find an escape. Make a beeline, try and awake from this dream, I need to re-find my inner strength to remind me. Even if a steep climb I must take to rewrite a mistake. I’m rewinding the tape.”


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