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Prolonged addiction to drugs and alcohol can leave the body filled with toxic substances. The first step in recovering from addiction is ridding the patient’s body of these toxins in a healthy manner. Detoxification poses some significant risks to each individual’s health, so it’s important that they seek professional help to safely get through it. The team here at Valley Recovery Center is thoroughly prepared to guide those patients that need detoxification through the process in the safest possible manner. Detoxes are all different, so we pay close attention to our patients’ needs and make sure that their detox gives them the best shot at lasting recovery.

Thorough Evaluation Performed

At the beginning of each patient’s treatment, we perform a thorough evaluation that takes into account both physical symptoms and the patient’s history of substance abuse (among other factors). Using this information, we determine whether the patient will need to go through detoxification. It is incredibly difficult to treat addiction without allowing our patients’ bodies to recover from all of the toxins affecting them, so it really is an absolutely necessary first step.

Minimizing Withdrawal symptoms

As we noted above, detoxification varies for each patient. The major factors that contribute to the intensity of the withdrawal symptoms are the substances that were being abused, how much and how long the patient took it, and their overall health. The first few days after the patient stops using the substance are typically the most challenging.

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Medical Supervision on hand

When addicts begin the process of recovery, they will start to notice the symptoms of withdrawal. Those with lower-level addictions may notice nausea, shakes, night sweats, nightmares, depression, anxiety, fatigue, a rapid heartbeat, and increased blood pressure. Heavy addicts can experience convulsions, seizures, muscles tremors, confusion, hallucinations, blackouts, and even death. Clearly, it’s incredibly important to have medical supervision when going through withdrawal.

Experienced Team at Valley Recovery Center

Detoxing without supervision is certainly dangerous, and it can also lead people to return to addiction. The withdrawal process can be so painful and uncomfortable that, left on their own, many individuals will simply go back to using. Detoxing here at Valley Recovery Center will not only keep our patients safe, it will also ensure that they can really begin to work on their recovery.

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