In-N-Out Burger Joins The Addiction Fight

In our home state, In-N-Out Burger reigns supreme when it comes to signature California cuisine. And recently the local fast food giant took a major step in the addiction fight, launching a site and foundation dedicated to supporting people battling alcohol and drug dependencies. Beyond that, for the month of October In-N-Out will match customer donations by three to one!


Slave 2 Nothing is the name of the org that the chain set up to spread the message. Divided into two segments, it exists to support people dealing with dependencies, as well as those impacted by human trafficking. The main In-N-Out site links out to the Slave web page, which proudly proclaims its mission statement the second people click through.

“The Slave 2 Nothing Foundation’s mission is to help those throughout our country who are enslaved by any person or substance, by empowering them to live free,” the page reads. “We fulfill our mission by providing financial support to organizations in our communities that assist individuals and their families to gain freedom and healing from substance abuse. We also work to create, educate, and assist with solutions to eliminate human trafficking.”


The burger chain has also been in the midst of a heavy social media push, sending messages across its Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages to bring awareness to the cause. Physical locations have been part of the movement too, with in-store posters and placemats that highlight the Slave 2 Nothing message.


Visitors to the Slave site are also privy to a wealth of resources and metrics related to the country’s addiction crisis. One heavily highlighted stat revealed that 8.3 million U.S. children under the age of 18 live with a substance-abusing parent. The is also a chart highlighting three key pillars to fighting dependencies. Component one is Prevention, as in stopping more young people from using. Component two is Treatment for those who are suffering and in need of recovery. And component three is Support, which emphasizes the continued assistance for those who have overcome their addictions.


We, for one, applaud In-N-Out for taking such an aggressive stance. It’s no secret that millions of Angelenos (and tourists) pass through their doors and drive-thrus every years. Putting this message front and center can hopefully make a significant difference. And the 3-to-1 donation matching of up to $250,000 is simply icing on the cake!


Inspiring ‘Recovery Restaurant’ Opens In Kentucky

Here’s a note to take down: The next time you happen to visit Lexington, Kentucky, set aside some time to enjoy a home cooked meal at DV8 Kitchen. Not only is the acclaimed eatery (with 185 five-star Yelp reviews) serving customers top-notch food, it is also going out of its way to promote the message of recovery.


For starters, DV8 has filled its entire staff with people who have beaten a substance abuse disorder. And owner Rob Perez doesn’t just advocate for recovery, he himself has proudly gone through treatment and is now 28 years sober.


DV8 also maneuvers its operating hours so that staff members can attend meetings or participate in their treatment programs. Tips are split evenly and added to paychecks, to avoid quick cash exchanges and help the entire team as a whole.


The restaurant also hosts regular guest speaker nights, where community members come in and discuss issues like health, finances, teamwork and responsibility. Rideshares are also available to assist employees who may have lost their licenses or need transportation for court appointments.


As Perez explained to, the unique business model of DV8 Kitchen is attracting a lot of positive attention.


“I think that the customers see a different face of recovery. It is about helping the folks that work here,” he explained. “But it’s also about helping the general public understand that the recovery community is worth a shot. The recovery community can perform good work.”


Perez also firmly believes that the fundamentals of a restaurant service job closely align with treatment and recovery goals.


“When you do a job with quality, you build self respect, self-esteem and pride in a craft you’re developing,” he added. “In recovery, we need a support system and an accountability system. And the camaraderie you get out of a job when you have common interests, backgrounds and circumstances, is pretty powerful.”


And let’s not forget the restaurant’s primary claim to fame. They proudly carry over the message of health onto every menu item. As their website proclaims, DV8 provides all-natural, delicious food which is always made to order.


We are certainly thrilled to spread the word about this inspirational new eatery. And it makes us even more excited to hear that a business model such as this can not only succeed, but thrive! Let’s hope more entrepreneurs in our home state of California take notice and follow suit.


Boston Medical Center Offers Recovery Cooking Classes

Eating right is certainly an important part of treatment process. Cleansing the body with a detox diet, focusing on health and removing internal toxins can do wonders for people who are curbing a serious addiction.  And over in New England, Boston Medical Center is taking that concept one step further with recovery cooking classes designed to help those overcoming drug and alcohol abuse.


Titled “Cooking for Recovery,” the special regimen has been getting national attention thanks to a major story by ABC News. One of their writers went so far as to interview the class’s executive director, learning about how this simple concept has turned into a major success story.


“Good health care is about more than just direct clinical services,” Cooking for Recovery rep Michael Botticelli told the outlet. “Recovery is not just about stopping the use of alcohol and drugs, it’s about how do we return people to a sense of wellness and a sense of well-being.”


Botticelli also let cameras into one of the sessions, which featured former recovery patient Felicha Young breaking out gourmet utensils. The in-class demonstration included homemade chicken and pasta recipes, utilizing fresh ingredients and delicate preparations.


Posing side-by-side with professional chef Tracey Burg, Felicha took charge of the entire meal; cutting vegetables, adding spices and getting elements ready for the oven. Burg served as an advisor and advocate, helping Young focus her energies on creating a masterful meal. She also gave healthy suggestions on ways to enhance the food, bringing along brown rice, whole grains and a take home cookbook.


“A lot of people who are getting over alcoholism or drug addiction, their gut is a wreck because all their healthy bacteria has been destroyed,” Burg went on to tell ABC. “But eating fiber is actually feeding the healthy bacteria in the gut … and it helps to bring back that healthy microbiome. So nutrition plays many roles in the healing process.”


So far, Boston Medical Center has seen some very positive results from the program. Treatment regimens like this offer benefits in multiple ways. For starters, they teach patients to switch over to healthier, more well-balanced diets. They also create an outlet and a distraction for people who constantly used. Now, they can focus their energies on creative meal preparations and gain satisfaction from a job well done.


We, for one, are big advocates of eating right during recovery. If you visit our online Staff Page, you’ll see we have a private chef and dieticians on our team who are dedicated towards providing a premium mind/body experience.


Can Sugar In The Diet Increase The Risk of Opioid Addiction?

We all know that too much sugar can be an unhealthy vice for people looking to watch their weight. But can it also potentially contribute to a person’s opioid addiction? Believe or not, many scientists are Saying Yes and have offered some telling data to prove it.


The website recently published a very alarming article tying heavy sugar intake to prescription painkiller dependencies. Using research from the laboratory of behavioral neuroscience at the University of Guelph, they outlined several case studies linking bad diets with addiction.


For one thing, their data showed a correlation between opioid abuse and unhealthy eating altogether. Using rats as test subjects, the researchers found that when a diet contained a high amount of corn syrup it actually dampened the reward sensations associated with oxycodone. Thus, it would require a larger consumption of that drug to achieve the “normal high.”


Frankly put, the opioid euphoria comes at a much lesser rate for those who consume a lot of sugar. And the corn syrup component is important too, as it is an active sugary ingredient in most sweets across North America (particularly soft drinks).


It is interesting to note that the Guelph study showed drastic differences in addiction behavior from the test rats as well. Normally sedative drugs like opioids and alcohol interfere with inhibition, stimulating “psychomotor” exhibition – such as sociability, talkativeness and sensation seeking. High sugar diets, on the other hand, led to the opposite effect for the opioid addicted rats. In this equation. their psychomotor stimulation was greatly reduced (making them more high-functioning addicts).


Delving deeper into the research, you begin to see a little bit of the chicken and the egg scenario. It appears as though increased opioid consumption can also lead to an increase in sugary cravings. According to a study conducted by Dr. David J. Mysels and Dr. Maria Sullivan, weight gain is a common trait among painkiller abusers. There are plenty of other symptoms these subjects had relating to sugar diets as well, including tooth decay and diabetes.


In their conclusion, Dr’s Mysels and Sullivan wrote, “Sweet-tasting substances are associated with activation of the endogenous opiate system, leading to clinically significant analgesia that may augment opiate treatment, or hinder it through tolerance. Given the rapidly rising rates of prescription opiate abuse and dependence, future research should be continued to determine whether such opioid maintenance carries similar public health risks of obesity, tooth decay, and metabolic pathology.”



Sober SoCal Weekend: Jan 13-16

Happy holiday weekend, Valley Recovery Center friends! How fortunate are we to have Monday off in remembrance of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr? He was certainly an inspirational figure and, don’t worry, we have plenty of Sober SoCal activities lined up that can honor his memory. We also have a slew of other ideas to keep you dry from the rain and away from tempting substances. Enjoy this latest list of “clean” outings and make sure to send your own ideas to us at!


Pasadena Cheeseburger Week

Tasty food is a great way to get your mind off drugs and alcohol and this Friday, the city of Pasadena is holding a grand finale party for Cheeseburger Week! More than 40 local restaurants are participating (rain or shine), highlighting everything from gourmet patties, to good ol’ fashioned Double Doubles. Plus this event is completely family friendly, which means you can bring your whole support system along with you!  To find out details on the menus and the eateries participating, click here.


Los Angeles Art Show

Another great weekend event is the LA Art Show, which officially kicks off on Thursday night. A longtime tradition in the Downtown district, this Show features everything from contemporary works, to modern sculptures, to avante-garde paintings. And, best of all, most of the pieces are available for purchase (and reasonably priced). Appreciating fine art is a great outlet for someone who is recovering and can often inspire them to pick up a palette and brush themselves. We highly recommend this Sober outing. For more official details on the Show, click here.


Kingdom Day Parade

We mentioned before how important Martin Luther King Day is. And if you want to honor his message of peace and civil rights, the annual Monday Kingdom Day Parade is a great place to do it. This event has been going on in South Los Angeles for more than three decades and features marching bands, street performers and local civic leaders uniting to celebrate Dr. King’s work. The televised parade is completely free and does not promote drugs or alcohol. It’s also a great way to feel good and productive on the extra day off. Participants can line up early Monday morning on Martin Luther King Blvd and Western Avenue. Click here for more details.


Free Monday At LACMA

Another event honoring Dr. King this Monday is happening at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA). From open until closing, this amazing gallery will be offering a free entrance for guests of all ages. There will also be multiculturally themed activities, bilingual tours, sketching classes and live music to honor Dr. King’s memory. And just like everything else on this list, No alcohol and No substances are allowed. So why not drop in? For more details, click here.




Sober SoCal Weekend: Dec 23-25

Well, we’ve been talking about it for months and now, the biggest holiday weekend of the year has finally arrived. Interestingly, this Friday through Monday stretch will encapsulate nearly all of the major December festivities; including Kwanzaa, Hanukkah and Christmas. So, of course, we encourage you to get together with the ones you love. But if you’re looking for a few more ideas that steer away from drugs and alcohol, we’ve put together another great list. Enjoy this special time and (if you can squeeze it in) add a few of these SSW ideas to your agenda too!


Union Station Cocoa Concerts

Who needs alcohol at a live music show when you can have a cup of soothing hot chocolate? That’s the sentiment behind the Cocoa Concert taking place this weekend at Union Station in downtown LA. This family friendly event happens Friday from 6p to 8p and will include live jams from the salsa band, La Picante. Ugly holiday sweaters are encouraged, as guests dance, decorate cookies and enjoy endless refills of homemade cocoa (with fluffy whipped cream)! Even Santa Claus will be on hand. This event has no cover charge, but holiday toy donations are welcome. For more information about the Cocoa Concerts, click here.


LA County Holiday Celebration

If you’re looking for a Saturday Sober SoCal idea, the 57th annual LA County Holiday Celebration is a surefire bet. This one takes place at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion from 3pm to 6pm and includes live bands, choirs, dancing and more. Best of all, it’s completely non-denominational, which means there will be festivities honoring Kwanzaa, Christmas and Hanukkah. It will also be broadcast live on PBS SoCal (so you KNOW it’ll have a good turnout). The only catch is attendance is on a first come, first serve basis; so if you’re running late you may not get in. We recommend arriving early for the free tickets and bringing the family along for this celebratory (and sober) extravaganza! More details are available here.


Laugh Factory Christmas Day Feast

Taking time for charitable works is a great way to spend part of your holiday weekend. And this Sunday, there will be a nice opportunity to do just that. Starting at 1pm, the Laugh Factory in Hollywood will be hosting their 37th annual Free Christmas Day Feast. Join in and you can help hand out warm meals alongside celebrity comedians and standups. There will also be live sets throughout the afternoon, to make sure the mood is upbeat and fun. We certainly applaud this venue for the great work they’re doing and encourage anyone with a free afternoon to partake in the good tidings. More details about the Feast are available here.


Happy Holidays to all from your friends at Valley Recovery Center!



Sober SoCal Weekend: December 2-4

It’s official! December has arrived, which means nonstop festivities from now until the end of the year. Unfortunately many of those holiday parties can involve negative substances, which is why now it’s more important than even to keep a Sober SoCal Weekend list. Well don’t fret because we’ve discovered a slew of amazing “clean” events that honor the season and steer away from spiked egg nog. For these next three days we’ve lined up some great ideas, including Enchanted Descanso Gardens, Groundlings Christmas Comedy, a lively Japanese Tea Party and educational talks from TED.


If you can, try and fit all of these great happenings into the sched. And don’t forget, we’re happy to share your ideas too! Just put them in an email and send them to


Enchanted Descanso Gardens

Stepping out and enjoying nature is a fantastic way to appreciate your sobriety. That’s why we were thrilled to hear about Descanso Gardens’ new Enchanted attraction, which takes the legendary Flintridge forest and turns it into a holiday celebration. Starting this Friday, guests can experience a one mile interactive route through ten different tree-filled light displays. Each has its own theme and offers artistic interpretations from local decorators. We definitely rank this high on the December Sober SoCal list, but keep in mind that tickets may be scarce. They run roughly $28 and must be purchased in advance.


International L.A. Tea Festival

What’s a tasty alternative to beer and wine? Hot flavored tea, of course! And this weekend, Downtown’s Japanese American National Museum is holding their first International Tea Festival. The three day event will feature 30 exhibitors and is expected to attract over 3,000 attendees. Sober cup samples will be flowing and there will also be unique classes about the art of tea-making and even meditation. As you probably know, we consider meditation to be an amazing recovery tool and a soothing cup of tea accompanies it perfectly. With that in mind, we expect this event to deliver. Plus, there will be book signings and lectures about detoxing recipes. If you can spare the time, try dropping in. All of the Tea Fest info is available here.


The Groundlings Holiday Show

We are huge comedy fans and have found laughter to be an incredible recovery tool. So is it any wonder that we would put the Groundlings Holiday Show at the top of this weekend’s to-do list? This legendary improv troupe has helped launch the careers of Will Ferrell, Pee Wee Herman and many more. With their rapid fire jokes and inventive skits, the Groundlings promise an extremely entertaining evening. And their stage does not welcome alcohol, which means there will be no temptations in between sets. Just good old fashioned laughs off of Melrose Ave. For more details on the Holiday Show, click here.



Who hasn’t spent some time soaking up a fascinating TED Talk on YouTube? Well now the intellectual lecture series is coming to LA for a special engagement on December 3. TEDx (as it’s called) is happening at Hollywood’s Dolby Theater and will feature speeches from astronauts, Google execs and green energy innovators. This completely substance free event is specifically designed to stimulate the mind and create conversations about interesting topics. It’s certainly something we’re excited about! If you can afford the roughly $100 tickets, this is a definite Sober SoCal must.




Avoiding Thanksgiving Temptations

Thanksgiving is certainly one of the most celebrated holidays in America, and rightly so. It is completely non-denominational and centers strictly around family, food and fun. But while most of us think of nothing but fondness this time of year, there are plenty of other people who find it rather challenging. Perhaps seeing certain relatives creates uneasy feelings, perhaps the temptation of Thanksgiving wine can be too great, or perhaps you’re traveling to the old neighborhood and running across bad influences. These are all factors to consider if you’re someone in recovery and ones we’d like to highlight in this latest blog.


Factor #1: The Family Dynamic

Let’s be honest, there is no such thing as the perfect family. For a lot of Americans, bringing the entire clan together can lead to arguments and sensitivities. And that’s just for “normal” families. Imagine if Thanksgiving were to put you face to face with someone who abused you, or an alcoholic parent that encouraged you to use. It’s a sad fact, but we’ve seen many family horror stories among our recovery patients. In that scenario, we often advise to skip the holiday altogether. We know that sounds harsh, but if being around certain relatives brings you pain or an urge to use; it’s ok to step away. Instead, try creating your own impromptu feast surrounded by friends and trusted confidants.


Now, on the other hand, if your family has been supportive and caring through the recovery process than by all means celebrate with them. Just think carefully before walking into any dinner situation. If you’re finding yourself in a fragile state, create distance from the toxic people and huddle close with the ones who have shown you love.


Factor #2: Temptations At The Table

Even if the people don’t create issues with your sobriety, the actual catering might. We understand that if you’re not hosting the dinner, it’s hard to avoid beer, wine and other spirits being brought to the table. If you’re recovering from alcoholism, we always advise to steer clear of any possible temptations. That means bars, happy hours, keg parties and (truth be told) adult dinner parties. Our hope is that whoever is housing the dinner will be aware of your situation and chose to keep the experience clean. That means  juice, water, soda or what have you. There are plenty of great beverages to go along with turkey, making a much more flavorful meal than one soured with booze.


If you feel close with the host, we advise calling them in advance and asking for alcohol to be excluded. We’ve seen that people are almost always willing to oblige (particularly if kids are in the house). And if they don’t budge, than politely skip the festivities. Your emotional health is much more important than an overstuffed turkey.


Factor #3: Dangerous Old Friends

For many, Thanksgiving can be a time of homecoming. Revisiting the neighborhood where you were raised and reconnecting with people from the old days. That’s fine and dandy, but remember that some of those people may not be in as healthy of a state as you are. Many times, it’s the people we grew up with that first introduced us to addictive substances. Once again, our recommendation is to suss out each person carefully and make sure that they don’t try to drag you down a dangerous path. If their idea of reconnecting includes a strip club visit or an all-night bar bender, tell them “Thanks, But No Thanks.”


We would like to wish all of our followers a fantastic Thanksgiving and want to let you know that Valley Recovery Center’s door is wide open, even over the holidays. If you’re feeling tempted this time of year, please reach out and give us a call. (866) 986-2486



Sober SoCal Weekend: Nov 11-13

For many, this has been a very tumultuous week. With unpredictable elections, tense protests and heavily trafficked freeways, we completely understand the need to escape. Just DON’T USE DRUGS OR ALCOHOL TO DO IT. Instead, we’ve packed together some great sober weekend activities that will put a smile back on your face and steer you away from the urge to use. This time out, we’re sharing fun foodie ideas, classic comedy and even the chance to spend the night on a battleship! Oh yea, there’s a lot of variety here; so take notes and enjoy.


And as always, if you have Sober SoCal activity ideas of your own, please share them with us via email at


A Night On A Battleship

Yes, you heard us right. This Friday through Sunday, the USS Iowa in San Pedro is inviting guests for a literal sleepover. For $125 (slightly pricey, we know) you can spend the night on an actual battleship and experience the life of a U.S. Navy serviceman. The package includes private bunks, in-depth tours, mess hall meals and more. Best of all, this is an entirely “clean” experience, so no need to worry about drug or alcohol temptations. Just bring your adventurous spirit and learn about life at sea! For more info, click here.


Monty Python Comedy

What better way to escape the urge to use than with a great night of comedy? Laughter is definitely a great recovery tool and this Friday, you can experience plenty of it with John Cleese and Eric Idle at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium. These two legendary British funnymen were part of the historic Monty Python troupe, which made dozens of classic movies and inspired generations of comedians. For one night only they’re bringing their unique humor to LA, with an intimate show that includes famous skits, recollections and interactions with the audience. Both men have hinted that they’ll be retiring soon, so we encourage you to catch their act while you can! You can get ticket and timing information here.


In This Together Festival

As addiction recovery specialists, we are big supporters of mental health and are proud to share details about Sunday’s In This Together event. Held at the Avalon in Hollywood, it will feature comedians, podcasters and musicians who have publicly battled mental illness. There will also be trained pros on hand, sharing valuable information for anyone who is in need of help. A great cause with charitable ticket contributions, we definitely encourage our followers to go!



California Vegetarian Food Festival

The very first California Vegetarian Food Festival takes place this Sunday at Raleigh Studios in Hollywood. For healthy eaters, it definitely promises to be an amazing experience. Everything on site is 100% vegan and there will be lifestyle vendors, nutritionists, cooking demos, a mind/body fitness area, a children’s activities area and an innovation pavilion. Plus, lots of great all-natural eats! Healthy diets and recovery go hand-in-hand, so we definitely recommend paying a visit. For info on the Food Fest, click here.



Sober SoCal Weekend: Sept 23-25

Boy, are we glad it’s Friday again! After five long days of working hard, we now get a well-deserved break to relax, visit friends and enjoy a host of L.A. activities (without the temptations of drugs or alcohol). That is, and will always be, the mantra behind this ongoing series. Remember, that you do not have to use to have a good time. And as this latest list of ideas illustrates, there are tons of fun, SOBER ways to celebrate a Saturday-Sunday stretch in SoCal.


Don’t forget…If you have upcoming substance-free events you want Valley Recovery Center to mention, shoot us an email at Now, on with the list!


The Italian Feast of San Gennaro

Full disclosure: There will be certain vendors that sell wine at this event. BUT, we felt like we had to include the Feast of San Gennaro because its emphasis has always been families, fun and food. This is not a cultural festival built around alcohol. Rather, it is a three-day celebration of the amazing flavors of Italy. There are authentic musicians from the old country, along with rides and kid’s entertainment stations. We recommend going during daylight hours and indulging in the pasta, pizza and hearty calzones made from international chefs. The alcohol stations open up during evening events, so if the temptation is too great, drop by for an afternoon feast and call it a day. Click here to learn more.


Dino Fest

Another great event for families, the Natural History Museum’s Dino Fest highlights everything a “Jurassic Enthusiast” would like to know. World-renowned paleontologists will be on hand, giving lectures and answering questions. There will also be fossil displays and special new dinosaur exhibits that guests can get up close and interact with. Movie fans will get to meet some of the filmmakers behind the Jurassic Park sequels and handle famous props. This event runs all weekend, with ticket prices starting at $12. Click here for more details.


Paramount Pictures ‘After Dark’ Tour

Last week, we mentioned how Halloween activities would be making their way into our SoCal list. Well, on Friday you can get your sober scares on once again at the After Dark Tour on the Paramount Pictures lot. Here, guests will go on a guided tour of the legendary studio; visiting sound stages that are allegedly haunted. Old Hollywood ghost tales will be part of the experience as well, with Paramount historians sharing backstories on creepy classics like The Exorcist and Rosemary’s Baby. It all culminates with a trip to the famed Hollywood Forever Cemetery and a special private horror movie screening. This outing runs $99 and, truth be told, comes with one champagne glass, which can be swapped out for sparkling water.


Surf City Surf Dog

Perhaps our favorite activity of the weekend (which you can tell by our header picture), Huntington Beach’s Surf City Surf Dog competition is a great way to spend a sober Sunday afternoon. We are big-time animal lovers, so getting the chance to see four-legged friends enjoy themselves on the beach (and the water!) really got us excited. For this event, you can see trained pets take on waves and surf their way onto the shore. There will also be a Canine Expo and PETCO reps on hand, sharing tips on how to properly care and pamper your pets! Click here to learn more.

Chipotle Exec Facing Years In Prison Over Drug Arrest

The Chipotle Mexican food chain has certainly had its share of problems in recent months. First there were accusations of e-coli poisonings in the food and now, a senior executive at the company is facing felony drug charges.


Mark Crumpacker is Chipotle’s Chief Creative Officer and has spent over seven years with the brand. Back in May, New York DEA officers began building a pretty significant case against him, which ultimately led to seven counts of cocaine possession.


Crumpacker turned himself in to authorities this month and later bailed out at $4,500. He was accused of being one of 18 “repeat customers” of a narcotics shipping service centered in Manhattan. Wiretaps showed Crumpacker ordering drugs and spending nearly $3,000 on deliveries.


Chipotle was quick to issue a response, stating:


“We are aware that Mark presented himself to authorities earlier today. He remains on a leave of absence from his job to focus on these personal matters.”


This once again proves our point that even the most successful people can struggle with crippling addictions. We hope Crumpacker gets the help he needs and that the so-called “easy cocaine delivery service” gets a permanent shut down.

Recovery In The Season Of Lent

In case you haven’t noticed, #Lent has become a popular February trending topic across social media and online news outlets. It, of course, symbolizes sacrifice and the approach of Easter in Catholic and Christian religions. Lent traditionally lasts 40 days and nights, during which practicing parishioners are encouraged to give up a vice or “bad habit.” In theory, that sounds like a great idea and can provide real motivation for people looking to change their lives. But in reality, recovery from a “vice” like alcohol, gambling or drugs requires much more commitment.


In a recent study by The Washington Post, alcohol was listed in the Top 5 Lent sacrifices. Though we commend the pollsters for their honesty and desire to get sober, we do see a problem in the logic.


Let’s say you were able to successfully remove the bottle from your daily life for a month-and-a-half, what exactly happens after that? It’s very common on Day 41 for people to go right back into those bad habits. Heck, even the day before Lent celebrates excessive drinking and partying.


While we salute the concept of Lent, we also take the sacrifices much more seriously. If someone really wants to make a positive change regarding alcohol, gambling or drugs, we recommend a 110% commitment. That means facing your addiction head-on, seeking professional help and continuing the sobriety well past Easter Sunday.


So when it comes to Lent, feel free to remove chocolate or swearing or selfies from your daily activities. But when it comes to the rest of your life, face the real bad habits head on and commit to an all-out recovery program.