Avoiding Temptations On Super Bowl Sunday

Avoiding Temptations On Super Bowl Sunday

It’s hard to believe we’re getting ready enter the second month of 2018. And that first weekend of February will undoubtedly be packed with activities. The biggest one, of course, is Super Bowl LII, with the New England Patriots taking on the Philadelphia Eagles. Football game get togethers are always meant to be celebratory and fun, but it’s important to remember the potential temptations that can arise during an occasion like this.


One of the most obvious is the gambling component. There is no disputing that this is the biggest sports event of the year and with that, comes tons of opportunities for placing bets. This may sound hard to believe, but this year Americans are expected to lay a total of $4.7 billion on the big game.  A good portion will be spent illegally, through bookies and online websites. That alone can lead to dangerous consequences. But the bigger problem is, the temptation to follow the crowd and give in to the urge to spend. The excitement, the hype, the peer pressure…these are all elements that can fuel the habits of addicted gamblers.


People who have strong feelings about either team have the potential to lose a fortune if things don’t go as planned. Interestingly enough, even a victory could spell trouble for someone facing an addiction. Having success at the Super Bowl can bring feelings of invincibility and lead to further, larger bets on other sporting activities. Games like this can be slippery slope, win or lose. And for serious gamblers, game betting can include everything from the coin toss outcome to the rotation of those famous commercials.


Of course, gambling isn’t the only temptation that rears its ugly head during Super Bowl Sunday. Alcohol and drugs have become commonplace during this pastime as well. Beer, not surprisingly, is the most common, with parties sporting large kegs, six packs and Happy Hour specials. This game often runs several hours, so it can lead to long slew of drinking and alcohol fueled mishaps. Super Bowl Sunday also happens to be a prime occasion for drunk driving accidents and binge-related ER visits.


And yes, drugs play a role in this too. Among the younger crowd, Super Bowl fiestas have become wild events. Large house parties can bring about tables of cocaine, weed smoking and pill popping (just to name a few). Even drinking can be a gateway into the urge to “party harder,” particularly among people who are prone to addiction.


Now while we certainly don’t want anyone to turn their back on a fun sports game, we do want everyone to understand the dangers that come along with an occasion like this. If you plan to let loose on Super Bowl Sunday, please do it responsibly and if you feel any sort of temptations coming on, reach out for a lifeline. 866-986-2486


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