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At Valley Recovery Center, we know that the treatment we provide is just the first step in recovering from addiction. That process will continue as patients get back to life in their families and communities. They will continue to face challenges, so it’s important that they have somewhere to turn for support and care. With that in mind, we provide our patients with an alumni program that is designed to give them that support. We truly believe that our alumni program and aftercare services are a crucial tool in helping patients achieve lasting recovery.

Connect with others that have gone through our program

Addiction is a disease, and treating the disease means having a support system to turn to for help. That’s exactly what our alumni program provides. It gives patients the opportunity to connect with other alumni, both those who are still getting back on their feet and those who have maintained their sobriety for some time. Each type of alumni has valuable perspective and advice to offer to patients as they move through their everyday life.

offering comprehensive services in relapse prevention

In addition to that, the alumni program is a good source of information about addiction and about maintaining your sobriety in the face of challenges. It’s also a place where patients can continue to develop the life skills and coping strategies that will help them in their recovery. The first goal of our alumni program is to offer comprehensive services in relapse prevention and to provide a safety net for patients as they begin to live a sober life.

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Our alumni program is part of providing patients with ongoing, clinical treatment for their addictions. The longer a patient receives treatment, the higher their chances of maintaining their sobriety. The services we offer at Valley Recovery Center are always designed with each patient’s individual needs and personal history in mind. And we strive to create a positive, nurturing environment where patients will find the support they need to achieve lasting recovery.

After Care Services Available

Another major obstacle to recovery is dealing with the temptation to drink, especially during difficult times. It is at these times that a support system is crucial. Having the support and tools necessary to handle the urge to drink is something we really focus on at Valley Recovery Center. And we know that the biggest challenges our patients face occur when they leave us, so we provide a number of aftercare services to give them a place to turn to when they need it most.

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