Alcoholism Becomes Hot Topic Among ‘Mom Bloggers’

Alcoholism Becomes Hot Topic Among ‘Mom Bloggers’

Just because Valley Recovery Center is a men’s-only facility, doesn’t mean that we aren’t acutely aware of the dependency issues facing women in this country. Sadly addiction holds no prejudices; impacting people of all races, religions and genders. And though we might not realize it, seemingly stable housewives and moms can just as easily fall victim to its clutches; particularly when it comes to drinking. Famed Babble blogger Sarah Cottrell bravely addressed that fact with an article that outlined her personal struggles overcoming alcohol abuse.


Cottrell’s piece outlined the dirty little secret of the Mommy Drinking Culture throughout the suburbs of America and how overindulging in wine is commonplace and even celebrated among her fellow parent bloggers. As Cottrell puts it, there is even humor associated with chugging down a bottle of red after a long day of dealing with kids. In fact, it is often jokingly called “Mommy Juice,” with hours of the day designated at “Wine O’Clock.”


Cottrell boldly shares her own alcoholism story, which paints her as a very functional mom and career woman. Like many women facing alcohol dependencies, she was not a fall down drunk or even neglecting her professional responsibilities. She was, however, doing clear damage to her health with a continued habit that went on for years.


“I’ve rationalized my drinking over the years in a million different ways. I’m not a fall down drunk living under a bridge,” Cottrell writes. “CPS isn’t dragging my kids away, and my marriage is not on the brink of a booze-tinged meltdown. How can a put-together, happily married, mom of three with a master’s degree, career, and the ability to meet every writing deadline with a sharp smile have a drinking problem?”


Indeed, she admittedly did have a problem and Cottrell highlighted many other high-profile social media moms who have been saying the same thing. Even worse is how mainstream American almost celebrates these types of habits. Many Target stores, she points out, now have wine bars and comedic alcohol merchandise (like “happy drunk” wife birthday cards and Chardonnay-themed purses and clothes). Memes showing happily boozed Sex and the City characters abound across the web as well.


Thankfully now, Cottrell has become a vocal recovery advocate and regularly uses her large social following to warn other mothers about the dangers of drinking. She also makes a point to call out the red flags and warning signs. We certainly encourage spreading that word and taking a stand against the “humor” and desensitization the mainstream is putting on female wine drinking and alcohol abuse.


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