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Alcohol Rehabilitation Facility Located in Santa Clarita

Valley Recovery Center, located on the outskirts of Los Angeles, is a place where you or your loved one can receive personalized care and treatment for alcoholism. Alcohol is one of the most commonly abused substances in the country. Addiction to alcohol does tremendous harm not only to those who are addicted but also to their families and their communities. Seeking immediate treatment is the best way for an addict to face their issues and take the steps necessary to build a better life.

Customized Treatment Plan for your Recovery

The programs we provide always include therapeutic treatment in order to identify the patient’s needs and help them understand the nature of their addiction. We offer treatment programs of different lengths and intensities, so that the treatment will match the degree of addiction for each patient. Our experience has taught us that there isn’t a one-size fits all treatment for addiction, so we work with our patients to develop a treatment plan that takes their medical history, alcohol abuse history, and individual needs into account.

Regimented Detoxification Process

The first step in the treatment process is helping our patients heal and adjust to being sober. This typically means going through detoxification. When an addict has been drinking for long enough, their body starts to retain the toxins in alcohol. These toxins can linger in the body for a while and cause harm, so it’s important to properly detox to have the best chance at recovery.

If you think you are ready to make Valley Recovery Center the right solution for you, have one of our specialists contact you today.

One on One Counseling and Group Therapy

Once our patients are healing physically, we begin to address their addiction through counseling. In both one on one therapy sessions with our trained professionals and in group therapy, alcoholics will come to understand that they do have an addiction, what contributes to their addiction, and what they can do to address it. Therapy also helps our patients develop the support system they need to achieve lasting recovery. Getting alcoholics to admit that they have a problem is one of the biggest challenges in treatment, and it’s something we have a great deal of experience handling.

After Care Services Available

Another major obstacle to recovery is dealing with the temptation to drink, especially during difficult times. It is at these times that a support system is crucial. Having the support and tools necessary to handle the urge to drink is something we really focus on at Valley Recovery Center. And we know that the biggest challenges our patients face occur when they leave us, so we provide a number of aftercare services to give them a place to turn to when they need it most.

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If you think you are ready to make Valley Recovery Center the right solution for you, have one of our specialists contact you today.

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