Addiction Article Recap: Week Of Dec 5

Addiction Article Recap: Week Of Dec 5

Happy Holidays Valley Recovery Center friends! We hope everyone is enjoying this special time of year. As work slows down, vacations are taken and family travel get added to the agenda, now is actually a great time to catch up on important news stories So, if you happen to have some downtime this week, we highly recommend taking a few moments to skim our latest Addiction Article Recap. It is here, where you’ll find the week’s most important headlines related to alcoholism, substance abuse and recovery. This time out, we’re delving into some strong statements made by the Pope, a Facebook Live overdose and dangerous painkiller stats among teenage athletes.


And as always; if you think we missed anything or have your own headlines to share, shoot us an email at valleyrecoverycenter@gmail.com.


Headline #1: Pope Francis Speaks Out On Addiction

Ever since he took on the role of Catholic Church leader, Pope Francis has generated numerous headlines for his liberal ideologies and strong stances. We, for one, find it refreshing, particularly when it comes to topics like addiction. Many conservative religions have shown little sympathy for those battling substance abuse, but Pope Francis feels otherwise. This past week, he likened addiction to “a new form of slavery” and urged church leaders to show more support to those suffering. He also praised recovery programs, saying, “”[People addicted] must be heard, understood, loved and, as soon as possible, healed and purified. To achieve that goal, greater emphasis must be placed on programs that support health, family and education.” We are extremely happy to see a global religious icon address the epidemic this way and are hopeful other church officials take those words to heart and show sympathy towards this terrible disease.


Headline #2: Facebook Live Heroin Overdose

As with anything, there is a good side and a bad side to social media. And in the case of opioid addict, Ronald Hiers, having his overdose broadcast on Facebook Live has been both a blessing and a curse. The circumstances surrounding his public OD are actually quite cruel and voyeuristic. Apparently, local teens witnessed Hiers going into shock on the streets of Memphis. Rather than help, they quickly whipped out their cell phone cams and shared the moment on FB live. Paramedics were quickly able to resuscitate Ronald, but not before his video received millions of views. As he told CNN, Hiers Facebook “infamy” actually did get recovery advocates to reach out and ultimately help him go straight. “I am very optimistic about my recovery, and feel like God has reached down and pulled me out of a very dangerous situation,” he explained. “Since the video surfaced, I’ve learned that I can trust people, something I never did before. … I don’t feel hopeless, worthless and useless anymore.”


Headline #3: Teen Athlete Injuries And Addiction

There is a lot of glory behind being a high school football player, but as NBC News is reporting, it has a dark side too. According to their recent expose, painkiller addictions are becoming commonplace among teen athletes. In the below clip from The Today Show, varsity defensive end John Haskell delves into how a minor concussion led to a severe dependence on pills and eventually heroin. It’s a moving story and reflects a sad, but common trend happening to young people throughout the country.




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