30 Day Rehab

Valley Recovery Centers 30 day Treatment Program

Valley Recovery Center offers several different treatment programs to meet the distinct needs of our patients. We provide a supportive, welcoming community for those suffering from drug and alcohol addiction. The 30-day rehab program is a short-term approach, designed to treat those without a heavy addiction and with a limited amount of time available for treatment. This program is a good choice for single parents or those who cannot miss a longer stretch of time at work.

Detailed Personalized Evaluation

Once they begin the 30-day program, patients will be evaluated by our team of psychologists, psychiatrists, and counselors. They will determine whether the patient needs to go through detoxification, and they will work with the patient to create a personalized treatment program that meets the patient’s specific needs and takes into account the patient’s personal history. The 30-day program is typically enough time for the patient to go through detox and to begin making the changes needed to avoid addiction.

The patients will be treated by a team consisting of the professionals mentioned above as well as an admissions counselor, nurse, case manager, spiritual care counselor, and a nutritionist. Everyone here at Valley Recovery Center is deeply committed to providing each of our patients with the support and care necessary for recovery.

Customized Treatment Plan for your Recovery

The personalized treatment plan will include one on one therapy that helps our patients develop an understanding of their addiction and its causes. One on one therapy also enables us to diagnose any mental health issues, identify the most effective treatments, and monitor each patient’s progress.

If you think you are ready to make Valley Recovery Center the right solution for you, have one of our specialists contact you today.

Group Therapy and non-traditional treatments available

Group therapy is also an important part of the treatment we provide, and it really helps to develop the support system patients during recovery. The group programs we offer include groups focused on addictive behavior and triggers, 12-step groups, groups that deal with family issues, and groups with a spiritual focus. We work with patients to find the programs that fit their beliefs and that will help them to achieve enduring sobriety.

We also provide additional programs to complement the one on one and group therapy. Treatments such as hypnotherapy and reiki therapy can help to soothe the stress and challenging emotions that naturally arise as they deal with addiction. Creative programs, like music therapy and art therapy, can offer patients a tool to express themselves in new ways. These programs can also provide relief and recreation during the recovery process.

Providing a Path to Sobriety

Our 30-day treatment program enables patients to start along the path to sobriety in a positive, encouraging environment. Overcoming addiction can be a difficult challenge, but our highly qualified staff can provide patients with the care, guidance, and support necessary to make meaningful changes and achieve recovery.

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If you think you are ready to make Valley Recovery Center the right solution for you, have one of our specialists contact you today.

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