Addiction Article Recap: Week Of Feb 27

Another month may be winding down, but that hasn’t slowed the amount of recovery-related headlines making waves online. This week, in particular, we’ve caught wind of several relevant stories right from our home state of California. For this Addiction Article Recap, we’ll be profiling some new potential policy measures, a disturbing new stat from local emergency rooms and a dangerous teenage trend that all parents should be aware of.


Enjoy our quick summaries below and remember…If you know of any stories that you feel our community should be made aware of, send them our way via email at


Headline #1: A Dangerous New ‘Dripping’ Phenomenon

Every few years a new type of addiction rears its ugly head, aiming to become the new “trendy” high among users. Teenagers can be especially vulnerable to this, since they are prone to experimentation and giving in to peer pressure. Well now, there appears to be another dangerous fad, involving liquid from e-cigarettes. “Dripping” (as its being called) supposedly creates a unique high for smokers, allowing them to inhale e-liquid “dripped” on to the coil inside the cigs vs. using a mouthpiece. According to those who do it, dripping produces thicker vapor clouds and creates a stronger sensation. It’s also catching on among teens. One in four high schoolers surveyed in the state of Connecticut have admitted to trying it. The scary thing is, dripping is still in its infancy and the full impact of its use has yet to be known. U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murphy has issued a stern warning against its use, calling it “a major public health concern.” We tend to agree and encourage anyone struggling with dripping cravings to reach out and get help.


Headline #2: Heroin ER Visits Are Increasing In California

With all of the news about opioid and heroin addictions, it’s not surprising to hear that emergency room visits are increasing throughout the state. The scary thing is, how much it has grown in the past year. In the first quarter of 2016, 412 adults in their 20’s visited the ER because of heroin. That is double the amount of visits that happened in the first quarter of 2012. And it’s important to note that these patients are not people from the wrong side of the tracks. According to medical professionals who spoke to the L.A. Daily News, many of the overdoses were happening to upper middle-class teenagers. “[The average heroin user] is now high school athlete or the kid next door. It’s no longer people from the seedy side of town,” Dr. Crescenzo Pisano told the outlet.


Headline #3: 21 And Under OxyContin Ban

Now for a positive story from our local headlines. California State Senator Anthony Portantino recently introduced a measure aimed at curbing oxycontin use among young people. His hope is that prescriptions for the painkiller would be illegal for those under the age of 21. “The abuse of this drug is a national epidemic and we need to protect our children from being prescribed this highly addictive substance,” he told the Los Angeles Times. “Lawmakers, regulators and medical professionals have been wrestling with how best to control this synthetic heroin and I’m saying, while we’re looking for solutions, let’s make sure we keep it away from our most vulnerable population.” We couldn’t agree more and are hopeful that lawmakers pay attention (and take continued action) to curb underage overdoses.